“Loža” is a unique and well recognized brand associated with shisha in Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, a city of 1,6M inhabitants and has an inflow of 1.8M tourists per year (2019 data).

Established in 2012 “Loža caffe” is located in the heart of the city and is offering to its clients a quick relax with a special menu of coffees and cocktails accompanied with special shisha flavors. With 70 seating capacity and 40 outdoor seating capacity it is a small but special place for all shisha lovers. When it opened in 2013 there were only 3 shisha bars in Belgrade and “Loža caffe” quickly became the must-be place for shisha lovers from all over the city.

In 2017, the “Loža” brand expanded and the new “Loža club” was introduced to its clients. The first night club in Belgrade offering shisha at that time. “Loža club” besides being a night club, offers as well a daily menu and with its 150 seating outdoor capacity is a very visited place even by day. Famous DJs are transforming this place on Fridays and Saturdays into one of the most visited night clubs in Belgrade.

In February 2020, only a couple days before the covid lock down “Loža” offered to its clients a third variation of the popular brand, this time associated with beer. “Loža pub” was voted top5 Pubs in Belgrade and is undisputedly one of the best places to visit in Belgrade. Offering 200 seating capacity indoors and outdoors is has a specrtum of more than 50 beer types again accompanied with our recognized shisha flavors.

“Loža” is a steady and growing business YoY – excluding the covid period, which we managed to bypass without any loans – and we are only financing the busines with cash flow. It is a debt free fully financed company with AA+ rating ranking. It is owned by one single owner and all three locations are under one single company. Operations are headed by a GM who has more than 20 years experience in the F&B space with reputable companies in his background. The team counts 23 highly motivated people and we have people within our company that are with us from day 1.

The ultimate goal of “Loža” is to be a chain of 10 locations and to have a market share of 90%. Currently “Loža” is capturing 40% market share and at this stage we are looking for a potential partner to join us and help us achieve our goal.

Ideal partnership would be based on a joint venture principle with 51%/49% in favor of the investor and the money would be used for market consolidation and aquisition of other shisha bars as well as opening new “Loža” locations.

If this is something of interest please contact us so we can give you more financial, technical, legal and business information.

All the best!
Loža team